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Twelve years ago, my boyfriend took me to a restaurant for a special date. At the time, we had been dating for nine months. The restaurant he took me to was the one we dined at on our first date. After dining on an amazing dinner of steaks, baked potatoes, green salads, and yeast rolls, my boyfriend presented me with a beautiful diamond ring and asked me to be his wife. Do you want to plan a magical date night for your significant other? Consider taking him or her to his or her favorite restaurant. You might even wish to reserve an entire room at the restaurant for you and your loved one to dine in. On this blog, I hope you will discover the wonderful advantages of celebrating a romantic relationship at a restaurant. Enjoy!

2 Questions To Ask When You Meet With A Wedding Caterer For The First Time

As you start to make plans for your wedding, you probably have a huge to-do list to help you keep track of everything that must be done. Toward the top of this list, you may have already added setting up an initial meeting with a wedding caterer.

Before you attend this first meeting, it is a good idea to write down any questions that you may have about having your wedding catered by the service. If you are having trouble coming up with questions to ask, use the ones below to help you get started.

1. Have They Ever Catered a Wedding at the Venue You Have Picked Out?

One question you can start with when speaking with the caterer has to do with your chosen wedding venue. Have they ever catered at the location before?

If they have, they already know the layout of the dining area as well as the kitchen, which will be helpful when they set up for your big day. However, if they have never been to the venue, you should set up an additional meeting that takes place there so that they can see the layout of the location as well as discuss how you would like things to be set up.

2. Do They Have Set Menu Options, or Can You Make Special Requests for Meals?

This next question will help you when it comes time to pick the meals you wish for the catering service to serve during your reception. Do they have set menu options from which you can choose? Or, are you allowed to make special requests?

If they have set menu options, they will go over each one so that you can start making your choice. However, if they take special requests, you can either ask for your favorite entree or ask if they cater to special dietary needs if you, the guests, or anyone in the wedding party require them.

Asking the above questions when you speak with the caterer for the first time can help you make further plans for your wedding day. If they have never catered at your chosen venue, you will need to set up a time to meet them there so they can get an idea of the layout. You will also be able to start thinking about your food choices, whether from a set menu or any special requests you have. When you are ready to set up an initial meeting, contact a wedding catering service in your area to make an appointment.